oversubscribed 的中文翻译: 订购过多
中英双语例句(Chinese characters - English)

1. 中国南车昨日还表示,该公司通过其大幅超额认购的上海首次公开发行(IPO)筹资9.
    CSR also said yesterday it netted $956m by its massively oversubscribed Shanghai IPO.

2. 本地及国际投资者反应踊跃,有助推动香港债券市场发展。
   The offerings have set a number of records in the region and were oversubscribed by local and international investors alike.

3. 所有各期外汇基金票据及债券均获得超额认购,平均认购倍数为2.82倍。
   All issues of the Exchange Fund paper were oversubscribed, by an average of 2.82 times.

4. 如果首次发行的新股获得超额认购,股份通常会依据上市公司所定的基准,以抽签方式分配。
   If the IPO is oversubscribed, the allotment is generally made by way of balloting based on the basis determined by the listed company.

5. 今年晚些时候开始的许多项目已经被超额预订了,并且一些银行已经开始提供为一些家庭量身定制的额外课程。
    Many programmes running later this year are already oversubscribed and some banks have started offering additional courses that are more tailored to specific family situations.

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